Jakeywakeyville is the second important neighbourhood in Marland City. Some of the most important people live there and their houses are designed to look nice. The owner of this area is Nasia. 



These are some of the beautiful houses in JakeyWakeyville.

Shopping MallEdit


everywhere has the same businesses

  • Bakery
  • Coffee Shop
  • Toy Store
  • Burger Joint
  • Video Game Store
  • Diner (currently building)
  • Cosmetic Store
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Flower Kiosk
  • Indian Restaurant
  • Bowling Alley (currently building)
  • Wedding Store (currently building)
  • Cinema
  • Web Company
  • Newspaper Company
  • Health Complex

Comparison with Real LifeEdit

  • Best Buy
  • Capital One
  • Coca Cola
  • McDonalds

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